GAP - Geomatic Application & Processing - is a research laboratory of Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile Edile e dell’Architettura (DICEA) at the Università Politecnica delle Marche. GAP is also part of several associations like SIFET, AuTEC, ISPRS and CIPA. The lab’s activities spans among several disciplines including data surveying and acquisition, processing, 2D/3D modeling, together with storage, analysis and management of metrical data at both territorial and architectural scales. Using a large set of surveying tools and methodologies (GPS, laser scanner, SLAM, mobile mapping, UAV, Remote Sensing, Digital and spherical photogrammetry) its activity is aimed at processing certified geo-spatial data for environmental monitoring purposes, landscape control, cultural heritage and spatio-temporal dynamics, with a special attention to the quality and statistical accuracy of the products of our computations. The vision of the group is multidisciplinary, developing innovative projects towards the new paradigms of space sensing and GeoAI (Geospatial Artificial Intelligence) always preserving the identity of Geomatics disciplines. Research at GAP covers topics of Point Cloud Processing, Semantic Segmentation & Classification, Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia applied to multi temporal and heterogeneous data, as well as data from different sensors. In addition, GAP is currently involved in research activities on remote and proximal sensing. The main research projects concern: Environmental and Infrastructural Monitoring, Thematic Mapping, Cultural Heritage preservation, Precision Agriculture and Forestry, eXtended Reality and Education.